Fernweh Quilt Pattern by Melanie Taylor for Southern Charm Quilts

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Fernweh Quilt Pattern by Melanie Taylor for Southern Charm Quilts

I am endlessly fascinated with star quilt blocks. You could easily get lost in a rabbit hole of all the different ways to put them together. The Fernweh pattern (pronounced FIEN-VEE, the German word for wanderlust is a star within a star block. The inner portion is the ever-familiar sawtooth star, while the outer portion looks as if it’s bursting to life. I couldn’t settle on a style while designing Fernweh. So instead, I’ve created the pattern in two different styles of quilts. There’s the style pictured on the cover (version 1), and a reversed style that you’ll see within the pattern. Because the two patterns are not a “true” reversal of foreground and background, I’ve written them as two separate patterns, both comprising the Fernweh pattern. Simply choose which version you’d like to make and skip to that section.   Pattern includes a video tutorial for snowballs.  Pattern has lots of helpful links included (including methods for basting, quilting and binding). Pattern includes scrappy backing guide

Skill Level: Beginner
Skills Used: Snowballs
Sizes: 24"x24" pillow, 72"x72" throw, 72"x96" twin/full, 96"x96" queen/king 15 illustrated pages.

As always, be sure to check the designer's website for pattern corrections PRIOR TO CUTTING out your lovely fabric.

Patterns cannot be returned due to copywrite laws.